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Previvor2Survivor Was Created as A Resource For You. Here I Share My Personal Experiences And Learning To Help You During Your Journey As A Previvor Or Breast Cancer Thriver.

 I have done my best to share my personal experiences as a previvor to breast cancer survivor transparently to provide comfort to others, inspire your self-advocacy and empower your positive mindset. I am not a medical professional; the information provided on prevention is intended to encourage you to think critically about your health practices.

The Blog

My experience & Tips to help you

Here I share what I have learned during my breast cancer journey and share strategies that worked for me!

Click here to learn tips on breast cancer prevention, strategies to manage side effects caused by treatment, learn what to expect with chemo-hair loss, learn wig tips and more!

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BRCA Positive

My Experience as a Previvor

I understand the weight of a positive BRCA gene diagnose and the difficulty of deciding to have a prophylactic mastectomy (preventative) surgery when you are healthy and well. 

 To read more about my experience, questions to ask your doctor and strategies to manage previvor stress click here.

The Unexpected

Breast Cancer at 30

Just 24 hours prior to my preventative double mastectomy I found out I was too late; I had already developed Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  

Read more about journey as a previvor turned breast cancer survivor here. 



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